Monday, 21 March 2011

World Water Day... 22nd March

Tomorrow is World Water Day. A day in which the world remembers the millions of people who lack access to clean water, good sanitation and safe hygienic practices. Current estimates suggest that nearly 900 million people lack access to clean water, and 2.6 billion people lack access to good sanitation. See this blog from February for more information about water and sanitation, and the role geologists can have.

Around the world many will be taking part in events to highlight to politicians, and the public, the desperate situation in so many places. One event, the World Walks for Water, is highlighting the plight of many and the need for strong government action by groups of people across the globe collectively walking 6km - the distance some communities have to walk to collect clean water.

As you shower tomorrow, flush your toilet, make your morning coffee, fill up your water bottle for work and brush your teeth - imagine having to walk six kilometres with a heavy jerry-can of water (sometimes clean water, sometimes not) on your back before you can even begin your day. 

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