Thursday, 7 April 2011

Resources: NASA Earth Observatory

The NASA Earth Observatory website is a good resource for geologists, containing satellite images and reports for a number of natural hazards and other events. The site is free to access, and is updated fairly regularly. There are also daily and weekly e-mails you can subscribe to with information about the current situation with a wide variety of natural hazards.

This site is good for keeping you informed about some of the hazards and disasters that are happening, that haven't made it into the main news reports. For example, at the end of March heavy rains in Thailand led to landslides, together displacing more than two million people, and killing around 53. It is by no means, exhaustive however, with no mention (that I could observe) of the earthquake to strike Burma in late March this year. The site is, however, well worth exploring - and the quality of some of the images it provides is excellent.

Thailand Landslides: