Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Resources: Global Risk Data Platform

The Global Assessment Report 2011 website is hosting an interesting interactive tool for those working on disaster risk reduction and analysis of geological and atmospheric hazards. The Global Risk Data Platform allows you to zoom to anywhere in the world and see overlay maps for actual events, hazard probabilities, and risk probabilities. Events outlined, include hazards such as landslides, earthquakes, volcanic events, fires, floods and droughts (although they are not all available for all aspects of the program). It also allows maps to be printed and e-mailed, and data to be downloaded and put into GIS programs.

The tool aims to share spatial data information on risk from natural hazards. A first glance evaluation suggests it would be useful for giving an overall look at regions of countries, and help development professionals understand some of the risks posed to an area. Its limitations are the resolution at which data can be provided, and the 'single-hazard' approach it takes rather than a 'multi-hazard' approach. There is a 'multiple risk' map, although it is unclear how this is calculated, does not incorporate some major hazards etc.  

Landslide Risk in Chile: Produced on Global Risk Data Platform

Despite its limitations, I'd definitely recommend people explore this tool and see if is beneficial to them as a first stage review of an area, before more detailed hazard analysis is done. I look forward to exploring its potential in time, and seeing what it can produce.