Friday, 26 August 2011

Archive: Water and Sanitation Posts

World Water Day 2011
Improving access to clean water and safe sanitation and good hygiene practice (WASH) is essential to strong economic and social development. Over the past six months GfGD has been working to raise the profile of this important issue, and have written a number of blog posts on this subject... 

A look at the role of geologists in a number of key areas such as water resources, improving infrastructure (including pipelines and sewer systems) and monitoring water resources in a changing climate... Read More

An important piece written on the day that the UK and other countries pledged millions into funding the rotavirus vaccine, aimed at reducing the number of deaths from diarrhoeal diseases. The vaccine, however, is only for those cases caused as a result of the rotavirus, accounting for on average 39% of childhood hospitalisations as a result of diarrhoeal diseases. In order to fully address the problem of diarrhoeal diseases there also needs to be significant investment in, and prioritisation of improved WASH... Read More

A series of posts giving some background to the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa, including an analysis of the role of geologists in providing access to clean water and sanitation... Read More

An in-depth look at this important water resource in North Africa... Read More