Thursday, 15 September 2011

How Integration Can Defeat Disease & Poverty

A number of NGOs, including Tearfund, WaterAid, Action against Hunger, End Water Poverty, PATH and Action for Global Health, have recently produced an interesting piece of research called 'Join up, Scale up - How integration can defeat disease and poverty' The research highlights cases where an integrated approach across sectors produced a greater impact, than a less integrated approach. For example, water and sanitation projects being joined with health, income generation or food production projects. In one example from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a water and sanitation project was joined with a project working to end violence against women - which often occurs when women are walking to get water.

GfGD believe in a holistic approach, understanding the interactions between sectors - and it is great to read of many projects in which professionals from different sectors are communicating and working together for maximum impact. You can download the report from Tearfund's website or read their blog introducing it on Tearfund's Just Policy blog site.