Tuesday, 3 January 2012

GfGD Archive: Key Themes

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2012. This is not only the first post of 2012, but also the final post looking back at our archives before new posting begins later this week. Today we republish some of the 'key themes' series of blog posts written earlier this year - outlining ways in which geoscientists can contribute to global and international development. The 'Key Themes' series of posts, which can all be found here, include posts on water and sanitation, infrastructure, climate change, natural resources, geohazards and agrogeology. We hope to add to these themes with some posts on geotourism later in the year.

As we continue to develop Geology for Global Development and the blog this year we hope to continue to highlight ways in which geologists can and are already using their skills to fight poverty and improve lives across the world. Please do get in touch with pictures, guest blogs or article suggestions.