Tuesday, 17 April 2012

GfGD Blog Writing Team

As many of you will have noticed, we have been gradually adding to the regular GfGD writing team over the past few months, and are taking this opportunity to introduce them to you. As well as a number of excellent guest blogs over the past year - we currently have a team of three regular writers :  

Joel Gill is the Director of GfGD and established the blog in 2011 as part of his work to raise the profile of international development within the geoscience community. A trained engineering geologist with experience of working on water projects in East Africa, he is currently a PhD student at King's College London - undertaking researching into natural hazards and disaster risk reduction.  

Dan Sharpe is a geology student at the University of Leeds, and has been contributing to the blog since February 2012. Dan is a regular columnist - writing articles on a broad range of topics from geohazards to mining. He regular brings interesting and relevant stories in the news to the attention of our readers in an engaging and helpful way. Dan is also a GfGD ambassador, establishing a GfGD group at the University of Leeds.

Alex Stubbings is a recent graduate of the Universities of Birmingham and East Anglia. Having specialised in climate science, he spent time working in Bangladesh before returning to the UK. Alex is our regular climate change correspondent - writing posts primarily on this important area of research, policy and practice, but also writing some posts on other topics of interest. Since March 2012, Alex has been writing a mini series of posts introducing the theme of climate science and the impact a changing climate will have on the developing world.  

We are still keen to find other regular contributors - so if you're keen to develop your science communication skills, share your thoughts on geoscience and development, and support this important tool of GfGD get in touch. There are options to write as a columnist (on varied topics of your choice - with editorial input - either every fortnight or every month) or as a specialist correspondent (writing on topics primarily related to one main theme, such as water, geohazards, agriculture, mining etc). Posts are normally around one side of A4.

We also very much welcome guest blogs from students, recent graduates and professionals. If you have a topic you'd like to write about, then please do get in touch to discuss it with GfGD Blog Editor, Joel Gill.