Monday, 11 June 2012

GfGD Blog Competition Winners

A couple of months ago we held our first GfGD Blog Competition, and I am delighted to announce the overall winner was Christopher Barry, a natural sciences student at the University of Cambridge, UK. Christopher wrote an interesting and informative piece about the work of a small charity called 'Friends in Action'. The piece not only described the geoscience in an accessible and helpful manner, but also highlighted the importance of community engagement skills for making their work in Burkina Faso a success. Runners up were Hudson Shiraku, an environmental scientist from Nairobi, Kenya, and Daniel Sharpe, a geology student at the University of Leeds, UK. You can read all three of their articles over the coming days and weeks on the GfGD Blog, starting with Christopher's blog this Wednesday.

The winner and runners up have, or soon will, all receive a Map of Global Groundwater Resources, and the overall winner, Christopher Barry, also received a copy of the impressive 1:50,000,000 scale, Geological Map of the World with explanatory notes.

We will be running other competitions in the future - so do check out the blog and our website ( for the latest information.