Monday, 6 August 2012

Geological Society of London - Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme

The Geological Society of London have recently advertised a fantastic opportunity for Fellows to spend time shadowing an MP or Peer. This will give them both parties a great opportunity to see how geoscience can be better integrated into policy.

The Geological Society writes on their website...
"Fellows will be able to improve their understanding of the working lives of politicians, and how they can make best use of their knowledge and skills to inform effective policy-making. MPs will in turn learn about the variety of activities undertaken by scientists, and how they can draw on the expertise and experience of our community. Each participating Fellow will spend two or three days shadowing an MP or peer in Parliament, with the possibility of further contact at the convenience of both parties. This might include a visit to the MP’s constituency, or to the Fellow’s place of work." 
Full details can be found on the Geological Society's website!