Monday, 26 March 2012

Intern, PhD and Journalism Opportunities

A couple of opportunities have arisen that some of our readers may be interested in:

This paid three-month position with the Geological Society of London, is an opportunity to develop an understanding of the interaction of science, policy, and communications - and will give the postholder an opportunity to gain experience into geoscience input into higher education and research, various policy matters and international affairs. The deadline is 10th April, and application details can be found on their website.

A number of PhDs into this very relevant and important discipline have been advertised at both Oxford and Durham in the UK, and a number of universities across Europe. More details, including specific project details and deadlines, are available here.

The Guardian - International Development Journalism Competition
A must for any budding journalist, the Guardian are providing a list of themes and asking you to do the rest. Your short article, if selected in the final 16, could lead to you being flown to a developing country to follow it up.