Monday, 5 March 2012

Latest News - University Groups

It has been a remarkable few months for Geology for Global Development, particularly in terms of our University Groups. We thought we would take this opportunity to share with you a few highlights:

GfGD Cambridge – Claire and Tim have been doing a fantastic job establishing the GfGD group in Cambridge. I visited them in February and very much enjoyed sharing with students about GfGD. They have also organised seminars on earthquake education in Central Asia and the role of a hydrogeologist in development – and have another seminar coming up later this month. These talks have been really well received by the department, and provoked much thought. It has been great to see interest in the group from across the geography, geology and civil engineering departments.

GfGD Leicester – I had the privilege of visiting this group recently, and it was great to see such a huge attendance at a talk on the role of a geologist in development. Laura is doing a great job of promoting GfGD and there are a lot of very enthusiastic students keen to get involved.

GfGD Leeds – I visited Leeds at the start of February, and was again greeted by students with a very genuine enthusiasm for what we are trying to do. They are shortly going to launch a GfGD group, and have exciting plans for the coming months and years. It was great to meet Dan Sharpe, a student at Leeds, and get him involved in the GfGD Blog as a regular columnist.

GfGD UCL – University College London (UCL) is our latest group to launch, with Rosalie Tostevin taking the lead as GfGD Ambassador. Rosalie will be working with others in this very strategic university to establish the GfGD group and develop it. UCL is on the doorstep of many policymakers and NGOs, and has a world-class hazards research centre, so it’s great to be able to establish a strong group here.

All of our GfGD Ambassadors are doing an excellent job, and without them we wouldn't be able to do the work we are doing, and the work we hope to do. If you’re interested in establishing a University Group and would like more information and guidance then please do get in touch with us.