Monday, 30 July 2012

University Projects/Overseas Placements

Over the summer of 2012, a number of students will be travelling overseas to undertake placements and carry out fieldwork as part of their university degree. GfGD is following three of these students, all from the University of Leicester. They will be carrying out work in Indonesia and the Solomon Islands, and have kindly agreed to give us their stories, photographs and the lessons they learn from their work.

Details of these placements are outlined below:

Name: Greg Smith
Destination: Solomon Islands
Project: Hazard Assessment (Volcanic Eruptions/Tsunamis)

Name: David Cavell
Destination: Solomon Islands
Project: Hazard Assessment (Volcanic Eruptions/Tsunamis)

Name: Laura Westoby
Destination: Indonesia
Project: Hazard Assesment and Impacts (Volcanic Eruptions)

Through following these placements, GfGD will:
  • Help these students to disseminate and share the knowledge that they develop through the opportunities they have. 
  • Share with the wider geoscience community an understanding of how good geoscience knowledge can better contribute to international development.
  • Consider what other skills are required by geologists in order to undertake effective development
  • Promote the positive international outcomes of students/recent graduates undertaking such placements, and expanding their experience base. 

You can find out more about the projects these students will be undertaking on the placements page of our website. We will be posting regular updates and photos from the students on the special placements blog section of our website.

Please note... all of these placements have been organised and are supervised by staff at the University of Leicester, not Geology for Global Development.