Friday, 27 May 2011

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As this blog outlines, geologists have a significant role to play within sustainable, international development. Geologists can play a part in reducing the number of children that die each day as a result of not having clean drinking water. They can work with NGOs to help improve disaster risk reduction by identifying landslide and earthquake prone areas, predicting the extent of ground movement, and reducing vulnerability - thus saving millions in humanitarian relief aid and countless lives. Geologists can help communities to plan safe and sustainable extraction of natural resources - from iron ore to groundwater, precious metals to coal. Geologists can work to identify the risks posed by climate change and develop solutions. They can use their interdisciplinary knowledge and ability to interpret ground conditions to play an active part in the building of infrastructure such as roads and rail networks, power stations and dams.

Whilst my main focus at the moment is raising the profile of international development within the geoscience community through blogging about this subject - I am currently working on establishing an organisation that has the same aim. Geology for Global Development will work to promote global development to student and recent graduate geologists, as well as others in the field - informing and engaging them in key discussions and debates, providing them with opportunities to use their skills to alleviate poverty, train others and develop resources for NGOs and their overseas partners. It will also work to promote the role of geologists, their skills and knowledge to NGOs and other development organisations.

You can get the latest news and updates about this exciting new project, and follow this blog via twitter (@Geo_Dev). Please do get in touch with any questions, comments or articles for publication.