Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Newswatch: Landslide Activity

Newswatch is a regular round up of some key stories relating to the geosciences in international development. Last time Newswatch examined stories relating to Geohazards, today Newswatch stays on this theme and looks at a range of landslide stories making the news (or as is often the case, not making the news)...

Source: Wikipedia
The Landslide Blog reports increasing water levels behind the Attabad landslide in Pakistan. The Attabad landslide in 2010 blocked a river and generated a lake behind it - storing large amounts of water. The release of this huge volume of water would have severe consequences, resulting in damage and deaths. Monitoring of this landslide and dam is being done, and currently water levels are being seen to rise. Rising water levels could lead to failure of the dam. The dam could also fail due to a further landslide displacing water and generating a huge wave or an earthquake causing failure. Read more about this situation on Dave Petley's Landslide Blog

Landslide Warning, Sri Lanka
Heavy rain has resulted in severe flooding and landslides, killing eight people and displacing many more (to date) in the Asian country of Sri Lanka.

Landslide Hits Orphanage in Malaysia
A week ago a landslide hit an orphanage in Malaysia, resulting in a number of fatalities. Comment on this story can be also be found on The Landslide Blog.