Monday, 23 May 2011

Resources: The Landslide Blog

The American Geophysical Union host a number of blogs, and one key blog I highly recommend is Professor Dave Petley's Landslide Blog. This blog features regular articles and photos of landslide activity across the world. Professor Petley posts reports of work he is conducting himself (e.g. in Attabad, Pakistan) and reports of landslide activity in the news - such as his most recent post (to date) looking at the Malaysian landslide that hit an orphanage. 

Landslides are a huge problem in many countries around the world, and impact a number of developing countries (for example, I wrote a post a while back on the Bududa Landslide in Uganda). Understanding more of the science behind them, the risks they pose, and measures that can sometimes be taken to reduce their frequency and impact has a very important role in global development, and disaster risk reduction. Professor Petley writes with clarity and accessibility - and makes the study of slope stability very interesting. 

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