Wednesday, 22 February 2012

GfGD Blog Competition 2012

Tomorrow is our first birthday on the ‘Geology for Global Development’ blog – the forerunner to the GfGD organisation. Over the past 12 months we have published around 150 posts on topics ranging from water and sanitation, mining, geohazards and disaster risk reduction, the importance of soft skills and much more. We have had a range of guest blogs from students, academics and professionals, and recently have welcomed Dan Sharpe onto the writing team as a regular GfGD columnist. There have been a staggering 25,000+ pageviews over the past 12 months, from nations around the world – and we currently have over 4000 hits a month.

To celebrate one year of the GfGD blog, we’d like to invite you to join our ‘GfGD Blog Competition 2012’ with the chance to win a range of geological-themed prizes (to be announced soon). We are asking people to submit a blog post of no more than 600 words, and a maximum of 3 graphics, on one of the following broad topics:

(1) Success Stories – How has geoscience been used within development to bring about positive and sustainable change?

(2) Missing Skills – The importance of ‘soft-skills’ for geoscientists in the development sector.

(3) Communicating Geoscience – How can we improve the communication of geoscience to policymakers?

The article will require some research and background reading. It can be written in the style of your choice, be creative but make sure it is readable, accurate and informative. It can be entertaining or serious, challenging or provocative – the judges welcome a range of different writing styles. Applications should be sent by midday on 30th April 2012 to, with the author’s name, e-mail address, contact number and university (or date of graduation).

After the submission deadline, a shortlist of the best articles will be compiled. All shortlisted articles will be published on our blog, and also in a special GfGD publication to be made available for download on our website. The overall winner and other special prize winners will be decided by our panel of guest judges, and winners will be contacted in June 2012.

Prizes, to be announced in the near future, will be awarded to the following categories:
(i) Overall Winner
(ii) Runners Up (x2)
(iii) Best original graphic (illustration, photo, other graphic).

You can read more, and download a PDF with the full details and rules from our website, and we strongly recommend all candidates do this. Please note this competition is open to current students or those who graduated not more than three years ago.