Monday, 6 February 2012

GfGD University Groups - Introducing GfGD Leicester

As mentioned in previous posts, we are working to establish GfGD groups across UK universities, to raise the profile of development within the geoscience community. GfGD university groups are ‘mutual interest groups’ gathering people with a shared interest and commitment in using their geoscience knowledge and skills to fight poverty and improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

These groups, led by one or two GfGD Ambassadors, will be at the centre of GfGD’s work, vision and objectives. Through seminars, discussion groups, assisting in producing resources and other activities these university communities will inspire, inform and engage many geologists with the importance of their work to sustainable international development.
Recently we have launched a University Group at the University of Leicester, which will be coordinated by Laura Wilson. Laura will be working through the well established PCSB Society to represent GfGD and get others involved. I'm looking forward to joining with them later this month (27th February) to talk more about the work of GfGD. Do come along if you're based at Leicester and interested in finding out more!

If you are based in a UK university and interested in establishing a GfGD group then please do get in touch with our Director, using the form on our website. Don't forget you can also download and print a GfGD poster for your university department notice board.