Wednesday, 8 February 2012

PhD Opportunities

There are a number of interesting opportunities listed below for people thinking about doing a PhD after they graduate from BSc, MSc or MSci courses. Also don't forget you can find some information on MSc courses on our website, and the deadline for the DFID Graduate Scheme is the 20th March 2012.

PhD Opportunities:
The University of Liverpool are advertising possible funded PhD positions related to seismology, flooding, drought and environmental change. The University of Portsmouth also have possible funded PhD topics, with one very interesting one looking at hazard assessment, slope instability and palaeoseismology in Central Asia. There is also an interesting PhD Opportunity in Germany, at the GFZ Helmholtz Centre, Potsdam - looking at slope instability in seismotectonically active mountain regions  - also in Central Asia. Don't forget you can use sites such as to help you in hunting down good opportunities.